We are a business development resource for individuals and families interested in establishing a Legacy of Wealth Building for themselves and future generations.


Founded in 2019 by Angela Maria Brinker (Aka Chica) age 60, mother of one (1) and grandmother of two (2). We are the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren of Carl Robert Brinker, Sr. and Carol Maxine House’s family. We are blessed to have this opportunity to begin the process of establishing a Family Legacy of Wealth Building in honor of our Parents/Grandparents/Great Grandparents and it is our pleasure to assist you and your families to do the same in partnership with us!!

Brinker-House Consulting


Business Development Services

Business Plan Development

Our Business Plan Development Services, provide you with a Professional Business Plan which will help guide your business decisions for the next 3-5 years. We offer you 2 (two) options for Business Plan Development.
1. We do all the work for you; a Consultant meets with you to ascertain your business plan needs and develops your plan in consult with you or your team for your specific business; to be utilized immediately.

2. We mentor you (your team) though the business plan development process and you develop it with our consult!!

One-On-One Consulting

This service is for anyone seeking innovative business consulting services. We provide these services via chat; phone; Zoom; or in-person. These services are available in multiple time durations (minimum 10 minutes) and multiple time slots (Mon-Sat 8AM-8PM).

Technical Assistance

Our Technical Assistance Services provide our clients with technical assistance with regards to various types of Certifications; RFP’s; RFQ’s; NOFA’s; Super NOFA’s; Proposal or Statement of Qualifications development; assistance with various Licensing Applications; Strategic Planning; Fund Development; and Compliance Readiness services.

Training Development & Facilitation

We provide training development and facilitation services in many subject areas related to business, some of our training programs include: Board Development; Human Resource Solutions for Employees; Diversity Planning; Strategic Planning; Public Relations & Marketing; Budget Development & Administration; and other relevant business need topics.


This service is perfect for individuals who need business mentoring or coaching in a specific business related area. We provide you with a professional mentor/coach in your specific area of need to assist you with envisioning and achieving your business goals.

Front/Back Office Support

This service is particularly suited for small businesses that need office support. We provide temporary Front Office Receptionists; Secretarial and Administrative Assistants; Filing Systems Development; Invoice Collection Services; Business Website Development Services; and Executive assistance to support your office needs.

Think Tank Opportunities

This service offers our business members with opportunities to sit on Think Tanks for our clients. We host Think Tanks to assess specific products; services or programs offered by our clients to assist them with gaining current timely information and strategic business strategies to help make critical decisions while mitigating risk.

Partnerships & Referrals

We provide expert & legal consults regarding Partnership Agreements; we provide Prime/Sub Contractor Events to help introduce our Certified Clients to Primes for Sub Contracting Opportunities; and we provide referrals for possible partnerships.

Executive Educational Services

Executive Educational Services

Our Executive Educational Services are provided to give individuals the added value of executive skills needed to enhance their education and work or Entrepreneurial experiences. We provide virtual and on-site training on various executive processes; functions; skills/knowledge; programs; and tools needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

Board Development Services

We provide strategic planning and training for Nonprofit Board Development. Our courses include: Recruiting the Right Members for Your Nonprofit Board of Directors; On-Boarding; Train the Trainer; Community Outreach Assistance; and Fund Development Assistance.

Business Development Courses

Courses are developed to assist our business clients with their specific business development needs. We provide specialized training and/or course development. We use Zoom to provide face-to-face meetings and training (check out our events Calendar for current or future course offerings).

Virtual Business Incubator (VBI)

With the current trends and uses of technology today, we thought we would try our hand at providing a Virtual Business Incubator for our clients interested in operating a home-based business. We will provide networking opportunities and business development consultations. (for 2020 we will offer this service at 50% off as we will be testing this service for its feasibility as a future service offering in 2021).Click below to be contacted regarding this opportunity.

Internship Opportunities

We provide internships on various projects through our Nonprofit Partnership with Rock with Me!! Community Economic Development Corporation, www.rockwithme.org


We provide Mentorship Opportunities  with various professionals and political constituents in the communities we serve.

Wealth Building Services

Wealth Building Lecture Series

We will host monthly Wealth Building Lectures and Seminars presented by individuals who we consider knowledgeable; successful; and/or an expert on the subject matter for the month (Check our Events Calendar for this month’s speaker).

Wealth Building Program

This program is designed to take individuals from A-Z in the financial world; from Financial Literacy to Public Investments; to include group trips to the Treasury of the United States and Wall Street.

Wealth Building Events

We will provide Events designed to give individuals an understanding of the various wealth communities and financial districts at home and around the world.

Wealth Building Clubs

We will Host Investment Clubs and provide lectures; presentations; and opportunities for individuals to work together to increase their wealth and buying power. Be it purchasing food as a food buying club; buying Bulk Rate/ Wholesale for your business; or buying stock for an investment club, we will assist individuals and groups with initial club development, and weekly or monthly meetings (see Events Calendar for next Meeting Date).

Educational Tours and Membership Services

Weekly AAA Lunch Tours

These tours take small groups of individuals interested in exploring Southern California via trips identified in the AAA Travel Magazine “Day Tripping Section”. These tours are 5 to 6 hours dependent on the location for the trip and include: transportation; community guided tour and lunch. (see our Events Calendar for the currently scheduled trips).

Weekly Cannabis (THC/CBD) Educational Tours

Cannabis Dreams Division is a Business Development Program of Brinker-House & Associates, LLC. This service was developed to investigate the limits of the legal cannabis tourism and events planning industry and to provide individuals and tourist to California with great Cannabis Tours and Educational Experiences within the Southern California areas. These tours are 5 to 8 hours dependent on the location of the trip and include: opportunity to win product samples through games, challenges, and quizzes; opportunities to try and buy from a legal retailer; and lunch (see our Events Calendar for the currently scheduled trips).

Cannabis Experience Membership

The Cannabis Dreams Division has 3 membership programs:
1. Basic
2. Fan Favorite
3. VIP 420
See the Cannabis Dreams Division page for more information about these memberships.

Pop-Up Vacation Tours

We offer reasonably priced weekend and week-long Pop-Up vacations for individual groups of 2-6 people to enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These trips are booked on a first come – first serve bases so, get your group of 2-6 and have your available dates ready to book your trip as soon as you see it listed on our Events Calendar. These trips are posted to our events page weekly so be sure to check back often, if your dream vacation has not been listed yet. Pop-Up Vacations are expected to book quickly and they are limited to the first group that signs up and pays their deposit (transportation may/may not be included).

Quarterly Tours

These tours are event specific group tours and can include any event to include: Theater; Boxing; Concerts; County Fairs; Wine Tours; and other group tours and adventures in the Southern California area. (See our Events Calendar for this Quarter’s Tour).

Annual Tours

This Tour is our annual tour to give us at Brinker-House & Associates an opportunity to engage in real life with our friends, family, associates, clients, partners, employees, interns and volunteers. It could be a country; a cruise; or a specialty vacation guided tour. This Annual Tour will be advertised through all of our social media accounts and listed on our Events Calendar as well.

Tour Memberships

1.Monthly AAA luncheon tour membership

2.Quarterly tour membership

3. Annual tour membership 

Interested in any of the above memberships? Click below.

We are Growing

Contact us now to learn about opportunities to join us as we begin the process of building the Legacy.

Our Team

Angela Brinker


Founder and Manager

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Technical Assistance Coordinator, Social Engineer and Facilitator.

Lydia Coleman Derby


Director of Human Resources & Special Assistant to the Founder (Intern)

Entrepreneur, Writer, HR Trainee, Executive Education Staff Trainee.

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